Show 19 – Back to the Future

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We’re back from our trips, and on show 19, we juggle around a few topics.

We talk about super indexes, trivial plans and whether they’re the best choice, Dynamic SQL and automatic code, Replication, a hidden and yet important property of Failover Clusters, and more..

Also, Matan declares that User Defined Functions need to be wiped out. Listen to hear why!

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Show 18 – Mucho Balaganos

On show 18, we talk a lot about the “Balagan” around the Pass Summit session selection process and around the last 24 Hours of Pass.

We also talk about certifications, Guy’s trips in Bnei-Brak, courses, what are number tables and why you need them, what we love about SQL Server, a strange problem with mirroring, and more..

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Show 17 – The Czech Locomotive

On our 17th show, we have updated about two major issues discussed on the previous show – Guy’s running status and the post office.

We also talk about wait types, a new trace flag, memory estimates in SQL Server 2014, data loss bug, events, and much more..

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Show 16 – Shy Engelberg

After a long time, we have a guest again – Shy Engelberg from HYNT!

We had a great conversation that spanned a lot of subjects. Among other topics, we talked about Microsoft and Google, Views and bad plans, Hekaton best practices, good and bad features, the life of the consultant, how Shy is doing in his new adventure, and about the professionals who influenced us the most.


Show 15 – Five Devices Per Person

On show 15, as always, we cover a lot of interesting stuff. We talk how our lives and databases will look in the year 2025. We also talk about changes to Azure SQL Database, Interesting webinars, weak passwords, Recompilations, SQL Server 2014, transaction nesting, and much more. Of course we talk about past and future events, and also about the top 3 jobs for DBAs.

Guy also shares his running experience, and explains how a SQL Server feature is related to the post office..

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Show 14 – Simplification

Show 14 is up, and as usual, we cover lots of stuff.

We talk a lot about the new Cardinality Estimator, why Views are dangerous, and on the other hand, tricks you can do with them, what is the async_network_io wait type, and about another cool little feature in SQL Server 2014.

We also cover two webinars worth watching, and translate (and invent) some words..

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Show 13 – SQL Server 2014!

It’s launch day!

SQL Server is officially released today. With In-Memory OLTP (“Hektaon”), Clustered Columnstore Indexes, Azure integration, AlwaysOn enhancements, Buffer Pool Extension, a new Cardinality Estimator, Delayed Durability, and other smaller but VERY handy features, SQL Server 2014 is an exciting version.

On this show, we talk all about the features of the new version.




Show 12 – Ctrl C

After the live show, we’re back in the studio.

We covered quite a lot of topics. Among them are auditing, Extended Events and Event Notifications, cluster issues, database unit tests, SSMS Add-ins and Hadoop. In addition, we have a countdown featuring the 10 best presentations Pass Summit 2013.

Oh, and we also talk about Matan’s new job…

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Show 11 – Live Show

This episode is the recording of the live show we had on the February meeting of the Israeli SQL Server user group. We had a great discussion with the crowd about Clustered Indexes vs. Heaps, load testing, the cloud, Filtered Indexes, SQL Alerts, and much more.

We also conducted a quick survey about relevant topics for future meetings of the group.

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Show 10 – A DBA is Born

Believe it or not, this is our 10th show!

This time, we’re going freestyle. We talk about a wide variety of topics, spanning query tuning, good and bad defaults, Tempdb, Azure, important trace flags, Logon Triggers and much more..

We don’t forget recent and upcoming events, and in addition, Guy shares his special birthday celebrations and raises an idea for a new reality show..

If you don’t already know, we will record a live show on the next Israeli SQL Server user group meeting. We will have 3 mics: One for Guy, one for Matan and one that will travel between people in the audience. Click here to register!


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