Show 12 – Ctrl C

After the live show, we’re back in the studio.

We covered quite a lot of topics. Among them are auditing, Extended Events and Event Notifications, cluster issues, database unit tests, SSMS Add-ins and Hadoop. In addition, we have a countdown featuring the 10 best presentations Pass Summit 2013.

Oh, and we also talk about Matan’s new job…

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Show 11 – Live Show

This episode is the recording of the live show we had on the February meeting of the Israeli SQL Server user group. We had a great discussion with the crowd about Clustered Indexes vs. Heaps, load testing, the cloud, Filtered Indexes, SQL Alerts, and much more.

We also conducted a quick survey about relevant topics for future meetings of the group.

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Show 10 – A DBA is Born

Believe it or not, this is our 10th show!

This time, we’re going freestyle. We talk about a wide variety of topics, spanning query tuning, good and bad defaults, Tempdb, Azure, important trace flags, Logon Triggers and much more..

We don’t forget recent and upcoming events, and in addition, Guy shares his special birthday celebrations and raises an idea for a new reality show..

If you don’t already know, we will record a live show on the next Israeli SQL Server user group meeting. We will have 3 mics: One for Guy, one for Matan and one that will travel between people in the audience. Click here to register!


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Show 9 – Geri Reshef

On our 9th show, we host SQL Server MVP Geri Reshef.

Geri just came back from the MVP summit in Seattle, and he’s here to tell us how it was, in addition to telling us about his way to becoming an MVP and the benefits of being one.

Geri also shares an unusual combination of T-SQL and the Hebrew calendar, his experience with SQL Server in Latin America and how blogging has helped him in his career.

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Show 8 – Works Great with NOLOCK

After the conference season, we go back to the regular format of events, blogs, forum discussions and other goodies.

Here’s some of the topics we cover:

  • Is index maintenance still necessary in 2013?
  • How to really monitor page splits?
  • “Smelly” code
  • What CXPacket really means and how can we leverage it
  • Past and future events

We also have a very interesting “top 10” list, and much more..

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Show 7.5 – SQLRally Interviews

Continuing our conference season summary from shows 6 and 7, this show is a special English edition that holds the interviews recorded on SQLRally Amsterdam with three of the biggest names in the industry: Brent Ozar (blog | twitter), Adam Machanic (blog | twitter) and Denny Cherry (blog | twitter).

The interviews cover quite a few topics. Among them are professional development, the future of DBA work, SQL Server 2014, storage, parallelism, virtualization and SQLCLR.


On August 2014, we started the English edition of SQL Server Radio. If you liked the interviews, check out the other shows we have there.

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Show 7 – Conference Season (Part 2)

This show is the second part of our conference season summary. As in part 1, We are with Maria Zakourdaev again, and this time we talk about the professional side of the conferences and share some of the exciting things we learned.

In addition, we have a very special and fun interview with Brent Ozar!

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