Show 48 – צ’יף אחלה אופיסר

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Show 48 is here!

This time:

  • Our PASS Summit 2015 summary
  • Guy explains why he started his presentation as Superman
  • Performance Dashboard Reports
  • On Resource_Semaphore_Query_Compile waits
  • Why firms hire Chief Data Officers
  • And more..

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Show 47 – Justin Bieber

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In this show:

  • The new cloud witness
  • How to use digital signatures instead of cross database ownership chaining
  • What do you do when we have SQL Server connectivity issues?
  • Compare execution plans in SQL Server 2016
  • Guy’s SQL Server killer feature
  • How to manage the availability of Azure virtual machines using Availability Sets
  • Profiler – the DBA’s best friend


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In this show:

  • We congratulated Matan for being awarded as a SQL Server MVP. Go Matan!
  • We talked about the next Israeli SQL Server user group meeting and about the next SQL Saturday in Israel.
  • How to use SSIS to delete files older than a specified number of days?
  • Using OPTIMIZER_WHATIF and StatsStream to simulate a production environment.
  • Is it worth writing unit tests?
  • What is the Clipboard Manager in SSMS?
  • Why we hate indexed views…
  • Some interesting stories about forward-only cursors.
  • Which standup shows will make you laugh until you can’t breathe?

Show 44 – Disk D (fixed)

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Happy holidays everyone!

On this show, we talk about:

  • Some weird acronyms
  • The right way to move Tempdb files on Azure VMs
  • What is Optimize for Ad-hoc Workload and how it affects the Plan Cache
  • Web analytics and aggregations
  • What to do when a SQL Server instance doesn’t come up

And also Al and Kelly Bundy, Noah, the Pink Floyd, and much more..

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Show 43 – לא לנתק את הכבל

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On show 43, we talk about:

  • SQLSaturday Israel 2016!
  • The last and previous user group meetings
  • 24 Hours of PASS, which happens today (September 17)!
  • Matan’s experience from Oslo and travelling to Belgium
  • Row Level Security and why should be careful when using it
  • Optimizing Ad-hoc queries and Azure DocumentDB

We also have some ice cream recommendations and other “important” updates..

Show 41 – Go Climb a Mountain

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Another show is here, and this time we talk about:

  • Out sessions at PASS Summit 2015
  • What is BIML
  • Reporting Services new features
  • DBA scariest sentences
  • SQL Server 2000 troubleshooting, DBCC Inputbuffer and DBCC Outputbuffer
  • Lots of SSIS stuff, including dynamic import and new features throughout the versions
  • More about SQL Server 2016
  • Tempdb on SQL Server 2016 and in general

Guy also shares a discussion he’s heard about how to stay young and what he thinks about it.

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Show 40 – Bob the Builder

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Show 40!

During the show, we talk a little bit about Bob Marley, his songs and their meaning.

We also talk about:

  • Recommended bucket count for In-Memory OLTP
  • On Index rebuild, disable and statistics update
  • How the Datetime2 data type is stored
  • Various SQL Server tuning switches
  • Which operators can work in batch mode
  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups enhancements in SQL Server 2016
  • Async_network_io issues
  • The CXPacket and SOS_scheduler_yield wait types and what they mean


Show 39 – Life Balance

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This episode doesn’t talk about SQL Server at all.

It talks about changing the way we think and behave around work.

Many of us High-Tech workers are constantly working long hours, checking emails on the phone and taking work home.

We talk about how it can be done differently, and Guy brings his own personal story about how he’s done it.

We talk about working hours and adjusting between work and family life, but also about being home mentally and not only physically, about being disconnected, and about managing a company in a challenging and different way than what most companies do.

You really don’t want to miss this one.

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