Show 30 – סילומיות

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We’re in Israel, and unlike in this site where we write in English, some people (Maria Zakourdaev and Yoni Nakache) insist on writing in the language of the Hebrew man. That’s how we learned about the word “סילומיות”, and in the episode we explain what it means, with demonstrations.

Another important milestone in this show is the fact that Guy is now an MVP!. We talk about how Guy got this achievement, and how you can do it too.

In addition, we talk about:

  • Azure SQL Database enhancements and possible mistakes Microsoft makes with the new features
  • sp_MSforeachdb – How to use it the right way
  • Gaps in Identity and Sequence
  • Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • SQLSaturday Israel recap
  • And more..

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Show 29 – Adi Sapir (Part 2)

It’s part 2 of the fascinating interview we had with Adi Sapir (LinkedIn, Twitter).

On this part, we deal a lot with deploying changes to production, and mainly whether to do it using automatic tools or manually.

In addition, we talk about:

  • SSDT
  • Continues Deployment
  • The Cloud
  • Version upgrades
  • The next version of SQL Server
  • Living in America

We also talk about the cool handy tools Adi develops.

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Show 28 – Adi Sapir (Part 1)

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On this show, we have an important guest from abroad – Adi Sapir! 

Adi (LinkedIn, Twitter) is a DBA for many years and today he’s a Data Architect at Getty Images in Seattle.

We had a fascinating talk and we divided it to two parts.

On this part, we talk about:

  • The role of the Database Architect
  • The current place of SQL Server in the jungle of database systems
  • What not to do with SQL Server
  • Fighting with ORMs
  • And more..

Adi also develops a few cool products for DBAs and developers. Check them out on

Show 27 – Partitioning

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On this show, our topic is Partitioning.

We first talk about how we implemented Partitioning before SQL Server 2005 (or on Standard Edition).

After that, we talk about:

  • How to implement Partitioning
  • When it’s right and wrong to use it
  • Will Partitioning help with query performance
  • How to make sure you leverage its benefits
  • Improvement Microsoft implemented over the years
  • Partitioning maintenance tactics
  • and much more..


Show 26 – Migrutz

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What’s the best way to migrate from SQL Server 2008R2 to SQL Server 2014 with a possible fallback? We start the show with an interesting discussion about this subject.

Later on, we talk about:

  • Cool tips for SSMS
  • Central Management Servers
  • Plan Guides
  • What needs does Azure DocumentDB come to address
  • Delayed Durability
  • Interesting behaviors of Availability Groups
  • Database documentation

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Show 25 – Jet Lag

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On this show, which is recorded in Seattle, we share our plans, schedules, thoughts and hopes for Pass Summit 2014.

We focus on the schedule each one of us has built for the summit and reflect our thoughts about how the topics of those sessions can help all of us in our day-to-day jobs.

We also discuss if and how the agenda fits the current Microsoft strategy.

Show 24 – Asaf Aviv

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It’s show 24, and guess what – we have a guest again: Asaf Aviv!

Asaf is very much into SQL Server Scale-Out solutions and SQL Server Replication, and not surprisingly, we take a VERY deep dive into those subjects (get ready for a lot of pro tips).

In addition, we talk about the history of Asaf as a rock star, about guitars and how they are related to SQL Server, and about a very weird issue Guy had with a motorcycle…


Show 23 – 0 Microseconds

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This is the monthly all-over-the-place edition of our show. As usual, we cover a lot of issues we encountered the past month, interesting blog posts, tips, tricks, events and random thoughts.

Among other topics, we talk about:

  • A weird scenario with backups, and the difference between Backupset and Mediaset
  • A weird scenario with a procedure ran 150 times a second
  • Visualization of DBCC SHOWSTATISTICS in SSMS
  • Various New Azure templates
  • Scenarios for In-Memory OLTP
  • Presentation skills
  • And more..

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Show 22 – Career Management

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On show 22, we talk about career management.

We actually recorded this show a few months ago, but it might be the best and most important show we’ve had.

We talk about about our careers: How we got to be DBAs, how we progressed, our difficulties, what steps took us forward, what processes we went through, and how getting involved in the community has helped us.

Furthermore, we talk about:

  • Why consistent learning is so important
  • How blogging and public speaking can help you
  • Why it’s important to have a mentor
  • How Guy started his own company
  • Time management tips
  • And how are candies related to Guy’s career?

Let us know what you think about career management in the DBA world. We would love to hear what you think!

Show 21 – Noam Binyamini

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On show 21, we have a guest again – Noam Binyamini, Senior Support Engineer at Microsoft.

We talk with Noam about his job, about interesting incidents he encountered, common mistakes customers make, and about the importance of installing service pack and cumulative updates.

Later on, we talk about the massive investments Microsoft puts into the cloud, the right scenarios to work with the cloud, and the maturity of Microsoft Azure SQL Database (formerly SQL Azure).