Show 39 – Life Balance

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This episode doesn’t talk about SQL Server at all.

It talks about changing the way we think and behave around work.

Many of us High-Tech workers are constantly working long hours, checking emails on the phone and taking work home.

We talk about how it can be done differently, and Guy brings his own personal story about how he’s done it.

We talk about working hours and adjusting between work and family life, but also about being home mentally and not only physically, about being disconnected, and about managing a company in a challenging and different way than what most companies do.

You really don’t want to miss this one.

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    הייתי שמח לשמוע על עוד מקומות הייטק שמנסים להפנים את המסר של חיים אינטגרלים לעבודה ובמיוחד תפוקה על פני כמות שעות.

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