Show 47 – Justin Bieber

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In this show:

  • The new cloud witness
  • How to use digital signatures instead of cross database ownership chaining
  • What do you do when we have SQL Server connectivity issues?
  • Compare execution plans in SQL Server 2016
  • Guy’s SQL Server killer feature
  • How to manage the availability of Azure virtual machines using Availability Sets
  • Profiler – the DBA’s best friend

2 Responses

  1. Hello
    I tried to find info about “Availability Groups without AD domain”, but found nothing actually.
    Generally, it sounds strange, since AG should be installed over Windows Cluster (WC), and WC does requires AD anyway, or not?
    Can you give any direction?
    Thanks, great news all the time.

    Cross DB perms chaining – funny thing exactly yestreday stumbled upon the thing,
    in context of “execute as” option of some stored proc.
    Exactly the day before i was stumbled upon the problem.
    I kept in mind the need to enable it with sp_configure options, did it but no luck.
    Googled, tried, got to that TrustWorthy option eventually, solved, ufff

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