Show 7.5 – SQLRally Interviews

Continuing our conference season summary from shows 6 and 7, this show is a special English edition that holds the interviews recorded on SQLRally Amsterdam with three of the biggest names in the industry: Brent Ozar (blog | twitter), Adam Machanic (blog | twitter) and Denny Cherry (blog | twitter).

The interviews cover quite a few topics. Among them are professional development, the future of DBA work, SQL Server 2014, storage, parallelism, virtualization and SQLCLR.


On August 2014, we started the English edition of SQL Server Radio. If you liked the interviews, check out the other shows we have there.

Items mentioned in the show:

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  1. Knowledgeable and inspiring…

    Do we have these podcast in form of slides or document so much easier to read/referred whenever need for most of reader.

  2. Thank Swarn!
    Unfortunately as this is an audio show, we don’t have everything in written format, but the links in the show notes can give a good general idea about some of the stuff we talked about.

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