Show 15 – Five Devices Per Person

On show 15, as always, we cover a lot of interesting stuff. We talk how our lives and databases will look in the year 2025. We also talk about changes to Azure SQL Database, Interesting webinars, weak passwords, Recompilations, SQL Server 2014, transaction nesting, and much more. Of course we talk about past and future events, and also about the top 3 jobs for DBAs.

Guy also shares his running experience, and explains how a SQL Server feature is related to the post office..

Items mentioned in the show:

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  1. Just heard this podcast , was great as always. You had some confusion regarding the use of salt in password, so I wanted to clarify that.
    Salt wasn’t meant to protect a single password, Its purpose is making it much harder to crack a list of passwords or a file containing many passwords.
    If we don’t use salt and a hacker get his hands on a file containing 1000 passwords, then when trying a dictionary attack he can hash each dictionary word and easily compare it against all 1000 hashed passwords in the file.
    If you do use different salt added to each password than the hacker can’t use the same hashed dictionary word on all passwords but has to add a different salt each time, meaning it makes it 1000 times harder to crack this entire password file.

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